Rent/Buy Office 85 Broad Street

85 Broad Street Coworking Furnished Offices

SF Monthly Rent
80 SF 500 / month
1,000 SF Negotiable
3,000 SF Negotiable

85 Broad Street Office Spaces For Rent

$ / SF SF Monthly Rent
$ / SF SF Monthly Rent
$ / SF SF Monthly Rent
$49 39,000 $ 159,250 / month

Nearby Spaces to 85 Broad Street

The following office spaces are available office for lease
Address $ / SF SF Monthly Rent
Broadway & Exchange Place Negotiable 2,000 Negotiable
Broad St & Beaver Street and Exchange Place $50 2,000 $ 8,333
Broad St & Beaver Street $53 2,000 $ 8,833
Hanover Sq & Beaver Street $42 2,100 $ 7,350
State St & Whitehall Street Negotiable 2,100 Negotiable
Address $ / SF SF Monthly Rent
Battery Pl S & Washington Street $49 3,000 $ 12,250
Broad St & Beaver Street Negotiable 3,000 Negotiable
Broad St & Beaver Street Negotiable 3,000 Negotiable
Broadway & Battery Place $50 3,100 $ 12,916
Broad St & Bridge Street $42 3,100 $ 10,850
Address $ / SF SF Monthly Rent
Broad St & Beaver Street Negotiable 5,000 Negotiable
Broadway & Exchange Place $43 5,000 $ 17,916
Broad St & Beaver Street $56 5,100 $ 23,800
Broadway & Battery Place $40 5,100 $ 17,000
Broad St & South William Street $52 5,100 $ 22,100

Rent Office 85 Broad Street

85 Broad Street Office is an excellent option to consider if you need to lease coworking space New York. It is situated on the corner of South William Street and Broad Street with several office spaces. The building was built is 1983 and with 52 floors and features more than 1,540,000 square feet in office for rent. This makes it a vast structure.

The building is relatively young, and the structure is made to provide support in a great location. 85 broad street Office is known to have some of New York’s best amenities as it is located in the center of the Financial District. The building stands close to the yellow and red MTA subway lines and also the Staten Island ferry.

The neighborhood comprises hundreds of different restaurants. The edifice’s closeness of the other office buildings in the locality to the building makes the space suitable for organizations who need closeness to other clients or partner firms. As a result, this perfect placement makes the office more valuable to the building’s tenants.

Back in the day, the building was Goldman Sach’s main downtown headquarters; however, it is now moved to 200 West street and owned by Metlife. The property is an excellent example of downtown Manhattan’s evolution from a financial center to a diversified environment of tenants.

85 broad street was able to achieve this massive transformation by coupling its unique physical features including extensive air, light and panoramic view which comes from all four exposed sides of the building, expansive, column-free floor plates and lots of different amenities.

Benefits of working with Optimal Spaces to lease coworking space in NYC?

Working with Optimal Spaces to choose the best rent offices in NYC for your business comes with many benefits. If you need an environment that lacks the stuffiness of a corporate office but still has a better structure than your home office, then we know just the right place for you.

We got your needs even if you need to be surrounded by other hardworking professional like yourself to serve as an extra boost for motivation. Peradventure you also need access to professional amenities such as well-equipped conference rooms which will assist you in making the right impression and boost your productivity, we got you.

Staying alone as a small business or freelancer may be hard when there is no sense of community. However, we have the link to be the most suitable rent office space, where you can get the networking you need. You will also meet new individuals who serve as helping hands or resources for your career or business.

Many clients have increased their customer base after choosing to work with us. We examine your business and look for the perfect space which will give you a great sense of community and also help your business through connections.

Office Tenants Rented / Leased 85 Broad Street
  • Year Up leased 38,407 SF
  • Oppenheimer & Company leased 270,000 SF

85 Broad Street Property Overview

Bulding Address: 85 Broad St
Building Alternate address(es): 85 Broad St
Zip Code:10004
Neighborhood:Financial District
Year Built:1983
Building Class:A
Block & lot:00029-0001

Lease Office 85 Broad Street.

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  • Save you 15-20%
  • Complete listings
  • Established track record
  • Work exclusively for You
  • We represent only the Tenant

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