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Class: A 11205 North Brooklyn

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Lease Office Dock 72

Dock 72 is a 17 story office building located in the North Brooklyn. Further information on rent, lease office Dock 72 includes the following. Dock 72 does not currently have coworking options available. We can get you the best deals on coworking. No Fee. We negotiate to get you the best deals.The Zip Code for Dock 72 is 11205. Dock 72 contains 670,000 square feet of office space for rent. The office space is rated Class A. Construction of Dock 72 finished in None. Small, medium and large options for rent office Dock 72 are available. In addition to nearby office building lease options, sublease Dock 72 options may be provided as well.

Dock 72 Property Overview

Bulding Address: Dock 72
Bulding Name: Dock 72
Building Alternate address(es): None
Zip Code:11205
Neighborhood:North Brooklyn
Year Built:
Building Class:A

Map Location

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