Plaza District Office For Lease

Plaza district Office Spaces For Rent

Address SF Monthly Rent
Small Plaza District Offices for Rent
Madison Ave & East 53rd Street 1,000 $ 12,000
Avenue of the Americas & West 49th Street 1,100 $ Negotiable
W 57th Street & Avenue of America 1,100 $ Negotiable
Medium Plaza District Offices for Rent
Madison Ave & East 51st Street 3,000 $ Negotiable
W 57th Street & Avenue of America 3,100 $ Negotiable
Large Plaza District Offices for Rent
Madison Ave & East 56th Street 5,000 $ Negotiable
Madison Ave & East 51st Street 5,000 $ Negotiable
W 57th Street & Avenue of America 5,000 $ Negotiable
office Tenants Rented / Leased Plaza District

Plaza District Office Rent Average

Building Class Year $ / SF
A 2019 87.0
A 2020 264.0
A 2021 87.0
A 2022 129.0
A 2023 136.0
Building Class Year $ / SF
B 2019 68.0
B 2021 53.0
B 2022 65.0
B 2023 70.0
Year $ / SF Building Class
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The Plaza District in NYC is renowned for its prestigious office space and upscale business environment. It is located in Midtown Manhattan, primarily centered around Fifth Avenue, between 42nd Street and 59th Street. Here are some key features and attractions of the Plaza District for office space:

1. Prime Location: The Plaza District is situated in the heart of Manhattan, offering close proximity to major financial institutions, luxury retailers, top-notch dining establishments, and cultural landmarks. It is easily accessible by public transportation, making commuting convenient for employees.

2. High-End Office Buildings: The district boasts some of the most prestigious office buildings in NYC, such as the General Motors Building, 712 Fifth Avenue, Solow Building, and Trump Tower. These buildings are known for their architectural grandeur and sophisticated interior design.

3. Class A Office Space: The Plaza District offers Class A office space, characterized by modern amenities, top-of-the-line infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and superior building management services. The office spaces are designed to meet the needs of high-end corporate and professional firms.

4. Expansive Floorplans: The office spaces in the Plaza District are generally spacious, with large floorplans that cater to the needs of multinational corporations and financial institutions. The open layouts promote collaboration and flexibility.

5. Luxury Retail and Dining Options: The Plaza District is renowned for its luxury retail stores, including designer boutiques, upscale department stores, and flagship stores of renowned brands. The area also offers a wide range of fine dining options, providing a variety of cuisines and venues for business lunches and client entertainment.

6. Pedestrian-Friendly Streets: The streets in the Plaza District are well-maintained and pedestrian-friendly, with wide sidewalks, landscaped plazas, and ample seating areas. This creates a pleasant environment for employees and visitors alike.

7. Networking Opportunities: Being located in the Plaza District offers considerable networking opportunities due to the presence of numerous prestigious businesses, financial institutions, and corporate headquarters. The district attracts an array of professionals from diverse industries, fostering a vibrant business community.

8. Proximity to Central Park: The Plaza District is adjacent to Central Park, providing easy access to the park's recreational and leisure amenities. This allows office employees to enjoy green spaces, jogging paths, and outdoor activities during breaks or after work.

Overall, the Plaza District offers a prestigious and high-profile setting for office space, catering to the needs of companies seeking a prime address in a vibrant business hub in NYC.
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