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The following are available office for lease in Plaza District
Address floor SF Monthly Rent

Small Plaza District Offices for Rent
Fifth Ave & West 47th Street P 4th Floor 1,000 $ 5,833
Lexington Ave & East 58th Street 4th Floor 1,000 $ 12,500
Park Ave & East 59th Street P 19th Floor 1,000 $ 12,500

Medium Plaza District Offices for Rent
E 57th Street & Park Avenue P 11th Floor 3,000 $ 37,500
Rockefeller Plaza & West 48th Street P 14th Floor 3,000 $ 37,500
Madison Ave & East 55th Street P 19th Floor 3,000 $ 37,500

Large Plaza District Offices for Rent
Sixth Ave & West 54th Street P 2nd 5,000 $ 18,750
Third Ave & East 49th Street P 9th Floor 5,000 $ 62,500
Third Ave & East 49th Street P 31st Floor 5,000 $ 62,500

Renting an Office in the Plaza District

Manhattan’s Plaza District is one of the most coveted areas for office or business spaces in the city. However, it’s also one of the most expensive. New York’s Plaza District is located between Third Avenue to the east, Seventh Avenue to the west, 42nd Street to the south and 59th Street to the north. The district encompasses a prime area for commercial real estate, located in the area where the Plaza Hotel used to be located at Fifth Avenue. It includes the incredibly popular Fifth Avenue retail locations, as well as St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the General Motors Building, which was the office building with the highest value in North America when it switched owners in 2003. The Plaza District is home to some of the most iconic commercial buildings in the New York City area, as well as some of the most highly valued corporations, making it an excellent area to rent a commercial space.

How We Can Help
We can help you attain a covetable office or commercial space in Manhattan’s Plaza District. As tenant brokers, our goal is to help you find the perfect location for your company’s needs and secure it. Here are some of the ways we can help you find and get the perfect rental in New York’s Plaza District:

We can help make the playing field even.
Without a tenant broker, the landlord typically gets to have the upper hand during any negotiations. However, with a tenant broker, the playing field will be evened out, making the negotiation process fair for you, as the tenant.

We can assess commercial sites for you.
As tenant brokers, we can evaluate the properties you are considering renting, making sure they meet your company’s needs and making sure you get the perfect fit, from the size to the layout to the parking available.

We help avoid any conflicting interests.
If a broker works with both landlords and tenants, they often have to deal with conflicts of interest in order to please all parties. However, as tenant representatives, your representation is our focus.

We make sure you stay informed.
We know how important it is that you stay in the loop throughout the process. So, we make sure to keep you informed of any changes or updates we have for you. It’s our goal to keep you up to date with all of the details you need to know.