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Why Optimal Spaces?
  • "No Fee" for our clients renting space.
  • We will save you 15-20% off what you could do by yourself.
  • Complete listings that match your needs.
  • Established track record of great results.
Why not do it yourself?
  • Incomplete listings.
  • Miss harder-to-find private spaces, where deals are found.
  • Save you 100 to 200 hours to do your own search, calls, paperwork and follow-up.
  • Lack of expertise.
Why use a Tenant Broker?
  • We work exclusively for YOU.
  • Most brokersrepresent the landlord which means you will overpay by at least 10-15%.
Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive?
  • Access to both public MLS and private listings.
  • Full attention and devotion of a broker. Our efforts equate to 100-200 hours of your time and energy saved.
  • Top real estate professional handling your case requirements and space search versus giving the case to a junior broker.
  • Most attention for your business to get the best deal on your single largest business decision.


New York City Commercial Real Estate Broker

We negotiate the best deal for you with savings between 15-20% off what you could do by yourself or by using a landlord broker.

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At Optimal Spaces Inc., we understand how critical finding the ideal new york city commercial space is for a successful business, particularly in New York City. As New York Tenant Brokers, we partner closely with our clients to meet their changing needs as their businesses grow and evolve, demanding more office space, whether it be NYC office space, Educational or industrial, retail, medical or loft. We provide comprehensive information on all the properties we show our clients, including floor plans, exterior photographs, physical and historical detail on both the building and space, and proposed deal terms.

Optimal Spaces Inc., caters to all the new york commercial real estate needs of any tenant. Our New York City market knowledge allows us to provide significant savings for renewing tenants during your new york office lease or manhattan office lease negotiations. We encourage clients to take advantage of the leverage that an outside tenant representative can bring to the table especially when dealing with commerical real estate.

Optimal Spaces Inc., has complete access to all available new york commercial real estate listing services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Westchester, enabling us to help clients look beyond the problems of the here-and-now and work with you to develop effective long-term real estate solutions. Within Manhattan itself, we have worked in every area from Financial District to Midtown and Chelsea, Downtown and the Harlem and the Upper West Side and Upper East Side to help clients with the search in the commercial real estate arena for building, sales and office space leasing and buying.We are experts in all of our client's real estate needs, including renting, subleasing, acquisition, disposition, expansion and renewals.

With Manhattan office rents at an all time high, it is more important than ever to know your options. The recent layoffs from Wall Street should add back some space, at a time when it is most needed, and temper landlord rent demands.

We can help show you the best options

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There is "No Fee" for our services to clients renting space.

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We negotiate the best deal for you with savings between 15-20% off what you could do by yourself or by using a landlord broker.

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Find office space for rent in New York. We are Tenant Brokers. We charge No Fee for clients renting space. We often save clients 15-20% less than they could do elsewhere
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