New York Tenant Brokers

Why Optimal Spaces?

  • There is “No Fee” for our services to clients renting space.
  • We negotiate the best deal for you with savings between 15-20% off what you could do by yourself or by using a landlord broker.
  • We give you the best and most complete listings that match your needs.
  • We have an established track record of great results for our clients.

Why not do it yourself?

  • You will encounter incomplete listings and only have a small picture of the options available to you.
  • You will see only public spaces lacking harder-to-find private spaces, where deals are found.
  • It will take you 100 to 200 hours for you to do your own search, calls, paperwork and follow-up.
  • You will need to learn and to get detailed understanding for the entire commercial real estate process which typically takes 10 years.

Why use a Tenant Broker?

  • Tenant Brokers or Representatives work exclusively for YOU, most brokers work for the landlord.
  • When a landlord broker represents you, generally you will overpay by at least 10-15%.
  • We save you time and money at no Fee to you, so why would you not use us.

Please call us at (212) 258-2700 to arrange an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you