New York Tenant Brokers:

  • We know how critical it is to find the ideal New York City commercial space. This is why you deserve to have a Tenant broker representing “You”. 
  • We partner closely with our clients to achieve their space needs at the best possible price. 
  • We give our clients flexible options, as their businesses grow and evolve.
  • We help you with all your real estate needs, (office, educational, industrial, retail, medical or loft space.
  • We find companies their new locations or renegotiate their existing lease.
  • We have complete access to all available New York real estate availabilities.

  • Our expertise enables clients to look beyond today’s issues and anticipate future needs, resulting in cost effective long-term real estate solutions.
  • We can handle all aspects of our client's real estate needs: including renting, subleasing, acquisition, disposition, expansion and renewals.
  • We represent your interest solely, unlike other NYC brokerage firms whose legal duty is to represent the Landlord.
  • We excel at what we do and possess a team of experienced New York City real estate professionals.  We are proud of our record of getting clients great deals for exactly what they need now and in the future.

  • We will assist you in evaluating your current and future needs. We will show you the different options and alternatives that are available for your space requirements.
  • We have worked with hedge funds, investment banks, attorneys, broker dealers, venture capital firms, LBO buy-out firms, publicly traded, privately held, and not for profit organizations and in virtually every category of business and services in multiple locations in New York and elsewhere in the United States.
  • We strive to cultivate life-long relationships with our clients. If you are happy, then we have done our job well.

Please call us at (212) 258-2700 to arrange an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you